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I have been invited to many book clubs where reader’s have asked me how in the world, do I develop such characters who display a horrific amount of shade throwing. Well, I have based those characters on many experiences with people who display that level of jealousy. To be honest, most of us have, but the most dangerous encounter of envy, is when a person expresses their loyalty and love for you. These people will damn near love you to death. They brag about you, but are disgusted by your every move in life. These type of friendships, are toxic and can lead you into a danger zone, if you confront them with their foolishness.
A lot of readers have can Identify with dealing with people like the Character Tya, in “A Tale of Two Novella’s”, whose spirit was so foul, that many of my readers wanted to jump in the story and kick her ass. Envy leads to shade throwing, and shade throwing is also called cheap shots/low blows. Now, if you challenge their them on their actions, they will dim the lights on it, by denying it, or put it back on you; I know right, stop the bullshit. No one is exempt from being a shade thrower. It can be your Boss, Co-worker, Family Member,Friend, or people who spend most of their day throwing shade on the internet, towards people they wish to be like or don’t even know. Are you a Shade Thrower, or have you been on the receiving end of it?